The Essential Oils That Are ACTUALLY Essential

By Emily Sowski

Collecting essential oils is like buying Kylie Jenner lip kits. You just can't stop. There are hundreds of different oils to buzz about, all with extraordinary benefits. From anti-aging to acne remedies, these small but potent botanical extracts keep every beauty queen's skin glowing and gorgeous. What makes them even better is that they all serve multiple purposes. 

With all of the confusion surrounding the several different essential oils, we're sharing our top six; our Essential Oil Starter Set, if you will. After getting a lesson in our fave oils, don't be surprised if you can't fight the urge to make a run to the Whole Foods beauty department.

Tea Tree Oil

-       Overnight Acne Remedy

-       Bad Breath Cure

-       After Shave / Wax Antiseptic



-       Balances Natural Oils

-       Makeup Remover

-       Prevents Breakouts



-       Bug Bite Remedy

-       Regenerates Skin Cells



-       Increases Skin Elasticity

-       Treats Cold Sores

-       Diminish Fine Lines

-       Deep Cleans Pores


Rosehip Oil

-       Stimulates Collagen Production

-       Protects Against Age Spots

-       Reduces Stretch Marks

-       Nourishes Dry Skin


Argon Oil

-       Treats Scars and Damaged Skin

-       Anti-Aging

-       Helps with Eczema

-       Increases Moisture Retentio