A Look Inside My Bag

By Sami Delavari

As an intern and full-time student, I'm always on the go. I try to carry all the essentials in my bag for last-minute emergencies so I can be ready for all things life-related. (Okay, maybe not everything, but at least I prevent some beauty and technological mishaps.) I've never been the kind of girl to carry a huge bag, because it's just impractical for my personal everyday activities. Give me a crossover bag and I'm happy as can be. Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite handbag designers, because her products are trendy and elegant yet wearable. If I were to dump the contents of my bag onto a table at any given moment, here is what you'd find:

  1. Rebecca Minkoff "Isobel Saddle Bag:" The perfectly sized bag for everyday errands and activities. 
  2. Bobbi Brown "Rich Color Gloss" in Pink Raspberry-Bright Rose: This gloss will not only hydrate your lips, it will look great in your selfies, too. (A.K.A. a win-win.)
  3. Wildfox "Classic Fox" Deluxe Glasses: You will rarely find me out of the house without a pair of my trusty Wildfox sunglasses to shield the summer sun.
  4. Nivea Travel Size Tin: Avoid dry skin with this compact lotion that smells delicious, too.
  5. Clean and Clear "Oil Absorbing Sheets:" These oil blotters will keep your skin and makeup looking fresh all day long. Goodbye mid-day oily skin meltdowns!
  6. Apple iPhone Charger: Unfortunately, these days it's rare to maintain a full phone battery all day. Between work (and school) emails and snapchat stories, your phone is bound to lose juice.

Comment below and tell us what's inside YOUR handbag!