The Real Girl's Guide to Commuting

By Shelby Nix

Sometimes a girl's gotta spend some time in transit to make it to the top. Here are my suggestions on how to make your daily commute enjoyable and productive.

The Night Before

Make a groovy playlist so you can belt out your favorite tunes (I know you do). I recommend our "xPose Ultimate Summer Playlist" to make the I-5 bearable.


The Morning Of

Grab your green smoothie before you hit the road! My go-to recipe is:

  1. One cup kale (fresh or frozen)
  2. One cup frozen mangos
  3. Handful of chia seeds
  4. Three ice cubes
  5. One cup cucumber
  6. Small piece of ginger
  7. Fresh green tea
  8. Water to blend

*To save time in the morning, separate frozen and refrigerated ingredients into Ziplock bags the night before so you can grab and go!


En Route

Listen to your playlist, audiobook or podcast to take your mind off of the morning madness. "#GIRLBOSS Radio" by Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso and CollegeFashionista's "Office Hours" series are my favorite subscriptions to gain inspiration from women who go out into the world and get what they want!

Best Episode from "#GIRLBOSS Radio":

Alyssa Mastromonaco, COO Vice Media & Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Obama



Best Episode from "Office Hours"

Arianna Huffington

Comment below and let us know how you make the best of your morning commute!